the finer things…

The beauty of nothingness…. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t mean much to anybody but also means so much at the very same time.

Pause. Breath. Repeat.

If in life, all we did was consider all that is fast paced and what pays bills and makes sense, then there wouldn’t be room for the beauty of the pause; the beauty of nothingness.

Things don’t always make sense; they truly don’t need to either.

Dreams rarely come true in the accurateness of stability and schedules and the everyday of what we call living. Consequently, living is defined by the standard repeat of the day before.

Are we afraid of the yes? Are we insecure of the no?

Dreams ignite at the embrace our truest identity and the courage to fly in it.

If we are going to be forced to “grow up,” then lets also force ourselves to pause.

It’s free.


2 thoughts on “the finer things…

  1. “Things don’t always make sense; they truly don’t need to.”

    Thank you for this truth. The very flow and sound of it offers a sense of freedom, refreshment and…



  2. I have always felt the Lord calls us to balance, to leave room for nothing-the room to be still and rest in Him. No agenda, no plan, no obligation, just BE.

    Great piece Prima! xoxo


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