I voted!

My heart bursts in full blown emotion as I think, pray, consider, watch and wait. Ahhhhhh!!!!

We wait. I wait.

I have a hard time witnessing life going as normal. Like cars driving down my street. On my block. Outside my window. I mean, HELLO?! “Do you not care that history is being made right now?! Respect!” I know, I make even myself laugh at my thought process but for real! It’s exactly how I felt when the Cubs won the World Series. “Um, why isn’t the WHOLE WORLD tweeting about this? This is BIG stuff, people!”

Alright, alright. Maybe just big stuff to me.

~ ~ ~

I sit with a friend and together we wrap our hearts and thoughts on “New.”

We tend to attribute this phrase to new things. New trends; new fashions; new styles; new places. New…stuff.

Yet, C. S. Lewis teaches us that newness is no virtue and oldness is no vice. Truth and beauty and goodness are not determined by when they exist. Nothing is inferior for being old, and nothing is valuable for being modern. This has freed me from the tyranny of novelty and opened for me the wisdom of the ages. All things new can be discovered in something old that had yet to be explored. All things new can be the adventure of finding a new mind in the same head; a new heart in the same body.

And so I am learning to look deeply, search intently and explore longer into the depths of my soul.

It’s still me. Yet, it’s a different me. It’s still my same head, but a new mind. It’s still my body, but a new heart.

All things new. How amazing it is to become aware of so many new things within me that were always there, yet still to be discovered.

Here is where you can find me. The me I’ve always been, yet the me I’ve never known.

HE is making ALL things new and rightfully so! New makes room for adventure and adventure is what I want.

Don’t you?


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