Stop Saying Sorry 


The thing about living is that you have got to be intentional with it. We have to take the proper pauses, assessments and life edits when necessary. And we can’t apologize for that. Life is a constant trial and error. Get better. 

Stop apologizing for however long it takes you to get where you are trying to go. We’re human. Get better. 

This doesn’t mean this post is free card to eat your own crap (vulgar, I KNOW!). It’s a reminder that as long as you are constantly headed toward SOMETHING, your pauses along the way only refine who you are truly becoming. Simply, get better. 

I don’t write, or exercise, or read a book, or sit in the sun everyday. But I do know that, nature, prayer, reading, meditating, positive relationships, exercise, creative space, mission are a few life lines to my soul. I MUST get better at this.

When you know what you know, yet make choices that trip you up, simply to apologize later for all the time wasted in between  your ‘ok‘ you to your ‘best‘ you, you only do yourself damage. Get better! 

#AMinWMo– Stop apologizing for the pauses that are designed to make you better. You owe it yourself to breath, recalibrate and START. AGAIN. 

#BigGirlRant– Don’t get caught slacking! All laid out on the floor wasting time doing NOTHING… Don’t be THAT girl. However, don’t you go apologizing to ‘randoms’ for however long it takes for you to ‘get it’. Just GET IT! 

Loving dangerously,


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