The Back Row

“But what’s the problem?” I felt this question keep roaming around in my head. “But what’s the problem?” I heard it again. 

“I’m uncomfortable. I haven’t slept in 24 hours. This seat doesn’t recline, my back is sore and do You not smell the stench oozing out of the lavatory that is literally on the other side of this wall behind me?” I felt myself reply to the question being asked. 

“Stop and be present. This that we’re doing isn’t for you. Let’s stop for a second and consider; how did we even get here? Right here, on this plane? Pause. Stop. ‘The Son of Man didn’t come to be served, but to serve.’ Smile. Give grace freely. Love.” 

It’s something, right? When your sense of entitlement begins to creep its ugly head and the Holy Spirit needs to be the one to come and stuff it back in its “all about me” corner? 

#AMinWMo: When you can feel yourself needing to “fix your face” in the privacy of the back row, pause. Listen. Adjust. 

#BigGirlRant: You have two choices.  Complain or Come Correct. Adjust your focus, love. It’s going to be alright. It’s all going to be alright. 

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