Tear The Roof Off, Friends!

~Never Unfriended by Lisa- Jo Baker~  

Truly, I didn’t see the need to read this book or even less, follow along in the study week after week. I mean, it IS a added thing to do on my already jammed packed list of things I am already doing and friends, I already have. BUT, for whatever reason, it just kept tugging at me and popping up everywhere. I finally I accepted (more than I knew at the moment) something deeper was calling for my attention.

I paused. I listened.

It’s just shy of 3 years that I have been off of full blown social media. Just about the same time I went on quest of rediscovery.

I have learned SO MUCH being unplugged. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Last night, as I chimed in on my last Never Unfriended session, I was entirely engulfed in a simple phrase Alia Joy mentioned as we referenced the account in Mark. “Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was laying on.” Mark 2:4. Alia was thankful for her “Tear Off the Roof, Friends,” who helped lay her at the feet of Jesus.

I paused.

I never heard the phrase before. Surely, I am aware of the account in Scripture, but never had I heard it said like this. Maybe I have but for whatever reason today, it struck a cord in my heart. All I know, is that it sounded like a melody of some sort.

It is a gift to have “Tear Off the Roof” kind of friends. I have found immense joy, THE TRUEST OF JOYS, being this friend. Jesus says in John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” This type of love is so important to me; the giving and the receiving.

I didn’t think I needed to read Never Unfriended. However, Never Unfriended did more than just remind me that community is vitaly important. I feel it’s released me to friend again some of my beloved, “Tear Off The Roof” friends and make room for some new ones… Them for me and me for them. 

I imagine friendships, old and new sitting around a redefined table and my soul dances to the familiar melody I mentioned earlier. The joy! 

It’s ok to have felt the sting of bleeding blisters on your hands from trying to climb the roof all by yourself; injured. It’s ok if once in, you locked yourself inside with Jesus, just so that you could heal and be taught how to love again. It’s ok. 

It’s ok if your once “Tear Off the Roof,” friends stayed for a season then found other roofs to climb. It’s ok. 

At this very moment, as you read my words, pause and breath. Breath in the new day air and opportunity for love. Breath out all that’s changed and won’t ever be the same. Breath in forgiveness. And finally… breath out hurt, unmet promises and words that pierced you down to the bone and marrow. 

It’s ok… you made it. You are alive. Breath! 

#AMinWMo: Let’s begin our day taking the focus off us needing some “Tear Off the Roof,” friends. Simply, BE one. Take just one minute and let gratitude fill your lungs for those who have been this for you. Truly, their labor was not in vain. Look at how far you’ve come!

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