I am Creative

There is so much magic ready and waiting to happen when we finally take the leaps we’ve been wanting to jump.

We wait for the firsts, right? First of the year, first of the month, first of the week. Sunday’s are beautiful, especially when they land on the first! Monday is the day ALL diets start! But what if your perfect first doesn’t arrive? What if you stay waiting on the perfect first and life, although wonderful at times, feels like something is constantly missing?

This is a real thing for creatives. We tend to suffer from complacency and almost basket caseness (made up word alert!) when our creativity is stifled. For some of us, like myself, I couldn’t wrap my mind around being a creative. It wasn’t until I believed, and I mean truly believed I was designed by my Creator to create beautiful things.

I have found my absolute beauty in capturing the moments of real life. Does this make me a creative? Does this make me photographer? In the past, I would have responded with, “you tell me,” leaving you with the responsibility to validate me or not.

But not anymore… Today, I will tell you simply this: “What I know is what I love; who I love. And I love capturing real moments of real life people, of real life places and spaces, and of tastes that give the breaking of bread a whole new meaning. I love that I get to do this, and I love that I get to be one with my anchored soul and believe that I am who my Creator says I am.

Perhaps you’re needing a bit of a jump start on believing you are creative too, friend.

Here’s a look at my daily affirmation:

“I am a creative. I am a moment capturer and truth communicator. I am wise and favor follows me. I am who You say that I am; fearfully and wonderfully made. I am creative.”

Learn to speak out loud that which you believe in your heart to be, fellow creative. There is power in words; your words.

Happy October friends! It’s another year and another leap; and I’m ready.

– @monicarosali

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