Forced Pause

It doesn’t seem right or many times even fair. We experience deep frustrations, let downs and heart aches and breaks. We many times crumble at the reality of the cards life has dealt us. We argue and fight. We have internal battles within self. Some you let in, some, maybe even those closest to you, may never ever know.

But there is One.

We run on autopilot most days. Even the healthiest of us do it without knowing it’s being done. We drive from one side of town to the next in the blink of an eye, then ask “how did I get here?” You know… You’re driving but the thoughts are so overwhelming you coasted your way to your destination without even remembering how it happened.

This is autopilot.

The Great Interrupt— As the world comes to a screeching halt, what NEEDS to be done differently? What is necessary for you; for me to do, to pause and evaluate? What needs to change?

I’m not a Starbucks drinker, per say, yet lately I found myself there more often than usual. It’s unlike me. I don’t even like coffee. But the Green Matcha has been life. I don’t appreciate single use plastic. I recycle religiously so when I purchased my reusable cup and when off to Starbucks with glee to use it, I was told, due to the COVID-19 they weren’t accepting reusable cups for safety precautions. I mean, I get it. Yet, there I was. With yet, another set of single use plastics for three minus the straws.

Then the download. I don’t need Starbucks. I barely even like Starbucks, “what am I doing?” I’m not one given to caffeine high’s or sugar craving fixes; I’m just not this. Not a knock on anyone, do you boo… It’s just not me.

Have I given myself over to the hype?

Know that my blog isn’t centered on my love hate relationship with Starbucks but rather a forced pause. A pause to really think; to really consider… is this what I want for my life? And I’m not just referencing my decision at the drive thru window. I’m talking about the world pause we all find ourselves in. What are mundane, autopilot, reactions rather than responses we are existing through rather than experiencing through?

We all face these frustrating times and now also think with the world in the state it’s in, it somehow adds to our frustrations, our life interruptions and our messes. When in actuality, if you let it, it can be the complete opposite. A chance for rest, for breathing, for catching up, for shabbating. Yes, rest.

I’m not naive. I know this isn’t a time to ignore the condition of our world, yet since neither of us can do anything about it but pray, let’s focus on what we can change. Ourselves.

This isn’t a time to be idle. It’s time to take inventory of your life. Rest in the process. Dream new things for your life; for your business. Catch up on all your paperwork, the papers that need grading and budgets that need revisiting. Think of creative ways to homeschool your kids, while holding down your own responsibilities and make the best out of this time of force pausing.

Once we all wake from this necessary siesta, I believe the world will light up again.

Pause. Rest. Reshape your life. And never lose sight of the Great Interrupter Who knows all things and works it all together for good. There is good in this and you’re going to be ok.

You’re going to be ok.



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