ILA- Homeschool

We recently announced (yesterday, lol!) a new adventure into HOMESCHOOLING! 

I, (the mom), decided I wanted to docu this new phase but knew it was going to require lot’s of vulnerability and transparency. Am I willing to put the work to 1. document, 2. be honest and 3. actually teach my kids! (Hello.) The easy answer to this was… “I don’t know!” It’s enough your girl has to pretty much, go BACK TO SCHOOL in order to teach her tribe, but whatever; that’s cool. (Says no one.)

However, in order to really be about something, I am convinced, without these kinds of vulnerable acts and conversations, my blogs are just words. It’s the highlight reel to what “I’d like you to see.” Ya’ll, go check out my Insta grid for that. We all know that’s what get’s posted anyway! Including me- (tell the truth; shame the devil).

I desired something more! I needed more when I was playing tug-of-war with my heart about all of this and I needed more when I decided to homeschool all THREE. 

A bit of context I think is vitally important friends: my oldest is 15, my youngest is 5. Do the math. This means, I have a Sophomore in HS, and an incoming Kindergartner. Seriously? My daughter is 13; an 8th grader. Elementary, Jr. High & High School. (Insert *blink, blink.) Deciding to homeschool was right up there with “should I marry this guy?” kind of a decision!

Melodramatic, I know, but here’s the thing. I went to school and am now a Certified Advanced Biblical Counselor. Soon to get my next certification as a First Responder, Mental Health Coach. What business do I have homeschooling my kids?

My passion for teaching began eons ago and it’s what I originally went to school for. At my first job, I was an after school aide for preschoolers. I worked at a private school and quickly made my way to eventually teaching middle school Math and Science. Fast forward some years, I helped pioneer the opening of another private school and today, I co-lead a nonprofit dedicated to promoting education. Everything I have ever done (for the exception of those few dark years, in Corporate America) has been centered around educating children at some capacity. 

The crippling thing for me and perhaps for many of you is that somewhere down the line, we were led to believe something different than our truth. And our truth doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but us, yet at some point we stopped believing we got what it takes to take leaps. And if you’re like me, risk taking is noted in your resume under “special qualities.” 

Do I have what it takes? Will I jack up my kids? Will I dislike them very much so and them me and we all end up on the big couch for therapy? 

Friends, I don’t know these answers but here’s the tea: my oldest is both a Honors and AP student at our local charter High School (Go Intrinsic Mustangs!) where I just withdrew him. My daughter; a straight A middle schooler. And the baby, (because I am his teacher now, whoop!) is skipping kindergarten right into first grade. How do I have the AUDACITY to pull them from where they were each excelling? Homeschooling? What am I thinking? 

If you are intentional with parenting like I am, the questions I am asking aren’t far from your truth too. Am I doing the right thing? The fear and yes, even tears toward this direction were and sometimes are a real thing. I won’t pretend it wasn’t. The best advice I have heard so far is, “take it year by year.” I’m with that! Perhaps, next year I’ll be good! I tried it and now we are done. Hahaha!

But what if? What if I was made for this? What if the real mentoring and Christian foundation lessons of our house, went further than Sunday School, bedtime stories and bible plans? What if I was the one teaching them character in and outside of the home in hopes of real world betterment? We are world changers, right? What if?

For the record, I am in it for the long haul. I want this! I am excited about this! The God moments leading up to this moment right here are way too much to cram into one blog post, but that’s why it’s a blog! The conversation is meant to be ongoing and I hope you find your back here. “We’re in this together,” was another simple, yet meaningful truth spoken to me about the journey. And even if it that sounds way too cliche, don’t let it be. We really are in this life together and I am here for it!

Selah, friends! Till my words meet your eyes again.

– Mónica

Director of Innovative Learning Academy- yup! it’s a thing. 🙂


2 thoughts on “ILA- Homeschool

  1. Wow!!! Your transparency and courage is magnificently motivating!!! I come along side you knowing you have ALL it takes to do this. And I will remind you of that on the hard days. You. Got. This. Why? Cuz God got YOU!

    *not sure if my comment posted

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