I’d like to say that I started my year all in and all about it, but that would be lie. Hahaha… Guys, I am just here for 2021, purposing to live my best life and be about the good as a contribution to the world and the good I am desiring to receive from the world. What good comes from the world? Dear reader… There. Is. Much.

Let’s face it. Much is different yet the good news is, if it didn’t take you out, you’re still in the game!

I started Homeschooling this past year. I can’t say the decision to homeschool was hard, homeschooling in general is just plain hard. But! That’s me; it’s my story. I have three kids in grades HS, Jr. High & elementary. I am relearning to teach and then scouting tutors for the subjects I refuse to learn again. Although, I find myself leaning fully on God for direction on the daily, I must say that with the challenges have come many, many rewards.

I begin with acknowledging: What God is in, He will fund. Aaaaamen. Homeschooling is a hefty investment, friends. Yes, in time, love and a lifetime Executive Membership to the Fruits of the Spirit Heavenly Wholesale Warehouse, because trust me you will frequent it often, it’s also a hefty investment in finances. Curriculum isn’t cheap, materials aren’t cheap and the 7000 meals a day for kids on a full time summer eating schedule be like… bro. What God is in, He will fund. My children have not been without. If you have a story like mine, you know the sting of not having enough when reaching the check out line at the store then sobbing uncontrollably in the parking lot because you’re a “joke” of a mother unable to afford at times food much less school supplies. My children having what they need coupled with things they want is one of the greatest joys of all my life. God is in the details.

I’d like to add that not only does God fund what He’s in, He surrounds you with the village necessary to make it happen. I am part of thee most supportive communities, no cap. I am confident this assignment would be left incomplete without the support of my communities… my friends; my now family.

A homeschool co-op is a community of homeschool families who all contribute by teaching our children separate subjects collectively, by grade. Our co-op meets once a week and we follow the same classical curriculum and carry the same values. My community is called Veritas Academy introduced to me by two special friends of mine, Erikah Rivera and Gabrielle Payne. When the Great Pause of 2020 (pandemic) hit, I found myself sitting at round table with some pretty powerhouse moms; some veteran homeschoolers, some still figuring out what the next steps meant for them and theirs. My fellow Warrior Princess mom friend, Lissette invited me to this round table conversation and thus the journey I now find myself in.

Friends, homeschool is hard, but this village has my back!

Community can be found in your church circles, work places, school, family, friends etc. Seriously, at The Miracle Center, its a culmination of ALL of these! And when Momma Mary says, “at TMC family is first,” she is speaking TRUTH! Not only is TMC made up of some of my favorite females, these women are BOSSES. Here is where my children are not only cared for, loved and taught, they are empowered to be the best versions of themselves creatively. Remember when I said, what God is in, He will fund? My humble little homeschool and my three favorite students were blessed real good by their Titi Charie and the seester squad who collectively teach, tutor and help train my babies. This here is enough for me to be utterly convinced, God is faithful.

Friends, I am still in the game. Homeschooling is still hard and I am still here for it. COVID-19 made space for me to take one of thee greatest leaps of faith EVER. It wasn’t the idealist of circumstances, but it’s still the great story of my 2020.

So yea! New year, same me hustling like I do, loving like I do, taking pics like I do and even launching business’s LIKE. I. DO. Because whatever isn’t growing is dead. And trust me, your girl is hard at work doing how she does. Like my plants I need to wrap up this blog and tend to so they don’t die!

Selah, friends!

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