Walking into Galentine’s Day like…

One February 6th, I was 40 and in Mexico, the next, I am 41 walking into a whole new chapter of my life, like “I AM HERE FOR THIS!”

So, allow me to begin. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday to me (and many other February babies!) and a VERY HAPPY GALENTINE’S Day to YOU, Sis! I am so glad you’re here.

Everyday there is this beautiful neurogenesis experience that happens when our bodies lay to sleep at night and the Earth so gracefully carries us into a new day. Like a mother or even like heaven. It’s just beautiful to imagine! At least to me it is. When this neurogenesis happens for me, there is power in the wake of my eyes and I feel it. It’s holy. It is literally a new day! We all know the meme’s, right? “If you’re reading this, you have already survived your hardest day.” Something like that, I can’t even quote. And the Bible verses that promise joy in the morning and closeness to the brokenhearted, we all know these and they speak truth. Because it IS truth. Whether or not we welcome the new day with such reverence, it doesn’t matter. It still happens. But what happens when we don’t feel any of these happy happenings, right? I have discovered that this void is indication we are on quest for more.

“Whatever isn’t growing is dead.”

– Unknown, but sounds like Bible

I’m living the best years of my life as a 41 year old woman. Not because of my history of getting it all right all of the time, nothing can be further than the truth. I am living the best years of my life because having lived 40+ years (which isn’t even long, might I add) I have become familiar with me. I am learning me. I know me. And I really like me. I have learned that morning practices are my life line and that boundaries sooth the soul. I know my body isn’t a fan of alcohol but wine is my jam (ha! that’s a pun). I have learned that hard things hurt but that I’m not dead, so there’s that. I learned that habits feels like too strong of word but appreciate having practices much better. I learned that I am natural giver and an intentional-ist (that should totally be a word, guys) and that when it doesn’t feel reciprocated I get in a really funky mood. I learned that “go hard or go home” is literally the slogan of my life. But if there is one thing I’ve learned most and appreciate the most coasting into my next trip around the sun is this: the depleting of me for the sake of the world around me isn’t just pouring from a glass half empty, it’s pouring from a glass half empty with holes. No one benefits.

“As women we are nurturers and caretakers. We’re wives, mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters who work at home or hurry out to get to the office. We homeschool or we help with homework. Our lives are busy, full. We give out until there is nothing left. Were front-burner prayer women, praying for whatever is boiling over at that moment (and there’s always something boiling over!). We can’t afford not to cover ourselves with prayer on a regular basis. Like an oxygen mask in an airplane cabin that’s lost its pressure, praying for ourselves fortifies and equips us so we can soar.”

-Excerpt from “Prayers for a Woman’s Soul” -jULIE K. Gillies

But like, who DOESN’T put masks on the kids FIRST? What kind of mother are you?! Well, clearly a smart one. We’re helpLESS without breath. Without energy. Without passion. Without self worth. Without life. And this is what I am so desiring. I am desiring to WANT to put the oxygen mask on me first so that I can then breath back into others audacious dreams, desires and experiences WHILE doing the same for myself. I truly desire this.

This year, we’re going for it. My daughter turns 15 in May. Woah. And guess what?! I am putting her on a plane with me! This year I’d like to spend more time believing in her and I and create ripple effects for the legacy I desire for those closest to me watching and learning. This year Lord willing, we’ll be headed to the Holy Land for a mother/daughter experience that was deposited straight into my heart. And in many ways, we’d love your help! Now, travels, even the planning hasn’t been easy and Lord knows it has not been cheap. But I am believing! And I am ok with believing because both her and I work hard and ARE working hard. However, I would really love it if you would help us pray. Would you help us pray over the finances and resources? Would you believe with me that this unique Quinceañera adventure would be the first of many God breathe deposits for a young lady who in her own right is already a world changer AND her mom? We’re believing God for monetary opportunities and gifts that will help fund this experience. And we work, sis! Need a babysitter? Photoshoot? We got you! (*Insert shameless plug).

Even with all our plans, hopes and desires, my intentionality of me and mine has become extremely important to me. Notice, it’s me then mine. If I can just keep my own oxygen mask a priority, THEN will I have to help my daughter, my children, my family. Then will I have to give to you.

This Galentine’s Day my most beautiful Valentine, my love message to you is this: tap into your everyday gift of neurogenesis which is science for joy. Our quest for more is JOY! Like yourself, boo! Be proud of yourself! Applaud yourself! Believe for BIG things for yourself! Be on quest for your morning sunrise hit and BREATH in the only oxygen that matters which is confidence in His will for you and your life. None of which is dependent on the man you lay next to or not, an empty inbox, your profile or IG likes.

It’s joy and it’s the Creator of joy.

Who’s here for it?! Happy Galentine’s, sis!!!

With you, for you.

– Mónica

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