Women’s History Month

I don’t usually post these guys on my blog, but man did this one stick out to me!

Not only are we in the beginning of a new month, right at the cusp of a new season, it’s also a most FAVORITE time of the year for me. The month to celebrate, us! The wonderful women in the room, in the space, at the table, in your home.

As a servant leader all my life practically, you’re taught how important it is to serve. You’re encouraged to give more than just the load you carry in your home as a wife, mother, teacher, nurse, housekeeper, cook, money manager, therapist, tutor, mentor, referee, Uber, and throw in vet on a occasion and professional pooper scooper. Outside of all this and much, much more on a daily basis, you’re STILL taught to give unconditionally. “Give unto the Lord.” Give, serve and be happy in the process because the Lord is pleased with a cheerful giver and when you work sister, BE SURE to work as though you’re working unto the Lord because it’s not about you.

Does this sound familiar to you?

As beautiful as the service of any servant leader is, we forget that it also work. And work, like any labor, after long full days of nonstop of it, gets unbearably exhausting.

Man, Sis. Are you exhausted?

Are we given permission to be tired? Is that ok? I mean, I don’t know about you but if I can Confession Session you for a minute, I’ve been conditioned to question my heart, motives and experiences and to simply give without ceasing because I WILL reap a harvest if I faint not. I’ve been challenged to stop thinking about me but rather think about the “thing” bigger than me because THAT’S the real reason I give. And yes, in many occasions people suffer from narcissism but is it narcissistic ALL the time? Or can it be rooted by something deeper? Planted by Someone who shaped us IN THIS WAY?

I find it hard to believe that a God, who in His Word teaches me that His strength is made perfect IN my weakness can’t see that a woman who is consistently conditioned to give at all costs without permission to ask questions, WILL indeed have weaknesses and it (that) not be ok. Of course it’s ok! Moreover, it’s to be expected! God is a Gentleman. A full Gentleman. He knows. And better yet, He understands.

And not all the time! Let’s not flip the entire opposite way and settle in just being weak, baby girl. My goodness— I struggle with settling when so much was sacrificed so that we can have an opportunity to reach a world through our generosity. But sis… I mean, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s also part of the good plan to not honor yourself IN the process of serving. WHO can run on 100 all the time?!

“There’s a thin line between selfcare and selfishness.”

-Monica Rosali

Read that quote again and let’s not settle. Balance, sis. Find your balance.

Today, on this celebration of Women’s History Month I want to celebrate YOU and me in all the ways this image says…

Cheers to US and the right to own these statements:

– I can break generational cycles + heal within.

– I am allowed to take up space.

– I am worthy of all greater things.

– My voice + opinion matters.

– I am beautiful inside + out.

– I can be vulnerable + a real bad ass.

– I am allowed to say ass. It’s in the Bible.

What will be something you will do differently to love yourself better so you can ultimately love others better?

Comment below. I want to know.

Happy March my sisters! Let’s march to the beat of the drum that binds us together, shall we? House music. 😜

With you, for you—


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