a simple plan

Greetings! Cheers from the thick of summer as a Homeschool mom prepping for her upcoming school year. How is it here already?!

Before I attempt to do all the things and dive deep into my bag of arrows and pull out the one named Zechariah to launch him, allow me to take a few minutes to share an update of where I’ve been.

My 41st year around the sun, I am happy to report (like a good blogger does) I feel rather inspired of how it’s gone for me! There has been a whole transformative evolvement that’s taken shape and to be honest, it’s brought out the best parts of me, all the while exposing the not so great parts of me needing surrendering.

The most beautiful part in that is being at the place where what indeed takes shape derives from the part of me that KNOWS I have been designed for this and that growth hurts but is necessary.

I’ve done many things in my lifetime. I’ve participated in communities and passion projects that have lit my whole world on fire. For as long as I can remember, I always seemed to spin several plates at the same time but each with such passion.


I sometimes wish I would have started my homeschool journey many years ago. The truth is however, I am exactly where I meant to be, doing exactly what I am meant to be doing, with the exact people I am supposed to be doing it with. And I can’t let myself get distracted with anything but THIS truth. And you shouldn’t either. Whatever your thing is.

I struggled. I sometimes wrestle with the idea that I could be doing so many “other” things. For what it’s worth and for how it was meant for me, it is well with my soul. So well. I am today my two most favorite things: a Mom and a Teacher. Yes!

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” Ps. 127:4

My oldest is graduating from High School this year. When I say I am launching my arrow, it is terminology I have adopted into my life’s work and mission demonstrated to me by my co-op community. I have toiled and worked hard to equip and mentor my children as I prepare to launch them into the world. A arrow is a weapon at its core but before it lands, it’s flys. As a weapon, sharp enough to pierce any lie or scheme of the enemy; where they land, I leave in the hands of God. My job is only to set them up to fly. And boy, am I here for that.

As I am writing this, I can confidently say I have dedicated my summer to building and creating my Manifesto. In other words, my life plan— a simple plan. A lesson plan if you will, that will set up my years as a homeschooling mom to be one’s full of meaningful moments, inspiring lessons and life long practices. My son entering his last year of high school has inspired this. There just isn’t enough time before they launch! That hit different. One summers dedication to build, for a lifetime worth of things that matter. What a blessing.

Dear friend— May I just say that the scary things you do in life, especially the ones that tug at your heart like nothing else, there’s more to that? There’s just got to be! It’s not just a feeling. It can very well be your next passion project. If there are things you wish you can do, perhaps you’re meant to build it. Create it. Design it. Start it. Invest in it.

May I also share who you do it with changes the game! #GirlGang

Co-op Feels

Here’s to summer 2022 landing it’s plane as we moms, parents and teachers prepare for the upcoming school year. You’ve got this! And when you begin to doubt the “thing,” remember your girl Mo did that crazy thing once and homeschooled all three of her kids and she thinks “I’ve got this.” Because you do!

Onward, sis!

– Mónica Rosali / @daywithmonica

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