m o n i c a _ r o s a l i . . .

Imagine your story, inspiring your brand.

The human experience is a collection of stories we’ve lived to tell, for better or worse. Stories help us make meaning of life as they add meaning to life. When we tell our story and listen to yours, we live in the beautiful space of our story.

We are a story centered, branding and design company, using elements of the human narrative to express the message of your story. Our passion is to clarify the essence of your brand and create stories for the power of your message to be told.

We believe that as we tell and listen to each others stories, we are able to better connect with our audience and convey the power of our message.


“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”

— David Brier


Clarity is essential in helping customers understand, not just what we do but why we do it. When customers understand our “why,” they will buy into our “what.” We will have ongoing conversations to cultivate a compelling “what,” “why,” and “how” concerning your business and movement.


Logos are an essential part of any business, organization and movement. When searching for the right company to offer one’s business to, a logo is the first thing customers see. Our logos are what identify us and show our uniqueness to the world. We will work hand in hand with our clients to design a logo that speaks who they are.


Color schemes and fonts allow people to feel the essence of a company. In many ways, they allow potential clients to experience the heart beat of who we are. We will partner with our clients to create a color scheme and logo theme that properly allows clients to feel one’s business culture.


Social media has not only connected people, but in many ways, has changed the game of communication. Social media has replaced catalogs, magazines and brochures. When potential clients explore our business, they will first go to our social media accounts. We will partner with our clients to develop a consistent theme, solid strategy and practical implementation of their social media flow.


Our websites explain in concise detail who we are, what we do and why we do it. In many ways, it helps potential customers understand us in more detailed, and fluid manner. We will ensure that the design, layout and usability of our clients website helps people thoroughly feel and know who we are.


Visual narratives are the stories we tell through photography and film. Pictures and film are not only worth a thousand words, but have the power to speak what words can’t. We will partner with our clients to create compelling visual narratives that will display their message in a short film and storytelling pictures.


Let’s be friends! For more information email monica@weourstory.com