r e d e f i n i n g t a b l e s

dedicated to empowering women— a woman’s community dedicated to empowering women through the power of sisterhood and collaboration. 


I began hosting brunches, book clubs and bible studies out of my tiny apartment on the Northwest of Chicago with a small group of friends. What began as a desire for connection, birthed a whole mood. We’re here for it! 

So, what is this and why?

Hi friends! My name is Mónica and I am the Lead Dreamer for a Redefining Tables. Redefined was created from a tender place in my life that felt void— belonging.

After loosing what felt like nearly everything, I found myself desiring deeply for community, for acceptance and the hardest one to confess, to be remembered. Everything in life had then been flipped upside down, and I knew that there MUST have been women out there that were experiencing this too. I jumped in. To what exactly “it” was, I didn’t know at the time. What I knew was that breaking bread was something sacred and I wanted to share meals with friends. I knew books were my favorite and that studying Bible, in my most difficult moments was my life line; my only life line. In fact, belonging was really what my heart craved.

At the time, I didn’t feel seen or considered and yes, felt no longer remembered. I ventured to believe I could not have been the only. “Surely, there were others!” Feelings aren’t facts but they are indicators (thanks @lysaterkeurst!). Although, we ought not bank on feelings or emotions left unchecked, I still am madly in love with my Creator who is indeed a emotional God. And that is a trait I most identify with my Father. We feel. (Hi my name is Mónica and I am a feeler.) Yes, I had family who loved me, friends who supported me, yet from ME— God was asking for more. What started as a void has then since become a movement my soul feels elation to pass along via all the beautiful souls who cross my life and our feed. And what is that exactly? BELONGING.

It began by scrolling down my contacts and inviting sisters/ friends to my home who I hadn’t seen in a while for a potluck. It then became #BookClubs and #BibleStudies. Or maybe not all in that order but you get the gist. And then friends of my friends became my friends and they invited their friends. And the invitations have never stopped….

Invitations to like our page, follow our posts; they have all been invitations. We invite everyone who stumbles across our page to pull up a chair and have connection.

Redefining Tables isn’t a conference and I get anxiety at the thought of everything needing to be perfect and incredibly girly (and I’m totally a princess, so go figure). What is it? Women who are about other women, growing, believing, supporting and empowering us and each other to live their best lives RIGHT NOW. Where any woman is invited to our table; where we share food, share stories and encouragements and where no one is left out. And because life is already messy and sometimes less than perfect, its what we need to stay connected to humanity and simply love on one another. Wouldn’t you agree?! We all just need a little more love, a little more “I got you, girl” and a whole lot of “I see you.” So, if today you are reading our story, then YOU are invited to join us at the table; a REDEFINED TABLE, because I see you.

– Mo ✨

We also have a podcast! Look for redefining tables wherever your stream!