w a r r i o r p r i n c e s s

Are You Aware?

Mom, did you know that in as little as three clicks on Snap Chat your child can have access to the world’s leading #1 porn site? Did you know Tic Toc is rated the #1 app targeting kids and teens exploiting them into Human Trafficking?

The most powerful weapon we have inside of us is our minds. The most powerful  we have outside of us is our phones. Do we know what our children are watching?

Being a part of the vision and mission for Warrior Princess has single handily rocked my life for always. We are team of committed God loving Warrior Brides, helping equip moms and the next generation how to find their identity in Christ.

This is war! And us moms, are ready to fight!

Join the conversation! The “Are You Aware?” talk is available at Warrior Princess every year. Visit our website for more information.