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B L O G – N E W Y E A R , S A M E M E

I started Homeschooling this past year. I can’t say the decision to homeschool was hard, homeschooling in general is just plain hard. But! That’s me; it’s my story. I have three kids in grades HS, Jr. High & elementary. I am relearning to teach and then scouting tutors for the subjects I refuse to learn again. Although, I find myself leaning fully on God for direction on the daily, I must say that with the challenges have come many, many rewards.

The day Titi Charie gifted all of my three Z’s Chromebook’s. Won’t He do it?!

B L O G – M O N A R CH

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B L O G – F O R C E D P A U S E D

We all face these frustrating times and now also think with the world in the state it’s in, it somehow adds to our frustrations, our life interruptions and our messes. When in actuality, if you let it, it can be the complete opposite. A chance for rest, for breathing, for catching up, for shabbating. Yes, rest.