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A lifestyle, creative B L O G G E R, living out her adventure of what a “day with mo” looks like.  I am kept, a mom, a nonprofit junkie, entrepreneur, podcaster & speaker. I travel the world with the best of friends and I really enjoy taking pictures. 

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“I, (the mom), decided I wanted to docu this new phase but knew it was going to require lot’s of vulnerability and transparency. Am I willing to put the work to 1. document, 2. be honest and 3. actually teach my kids! (Hello.) The easy answer to this was… “I don’t know!” It’s enough your girl has to pretty much, go BACK TO SCHOOL in order to teach her tribe, but whatever; that’s cool. (Says no one.)

However, in order to really be about something, I am convinced, without these kinds of vulnerable acts and conversations, my blogs are just words. It’s the highlight reel to what “I’d like you to see.””

N E W B L O G P O S T – ILA- Homeschool



“We all face these frustrating times and now also think with the world in the state it’s in, it somehow adds to our frustrations, our life interruptions and our messes. When in actuality, if you let it, it can be the complete opposite. A chance for rest, for breathing, for catching up, for shabbating. Yes, rest.”

B L O G – Forced Pause