r e i n v e n t e d

Welcome to my blog!

A place where my heart and words collide . . . 

A lifestyle, creative B L O G G E R, living out her adventure of what a “day with mo” looks like.  I am kept, mom, nonprofit junkie, entrepreneur. I travel the world with best of friends and I really enjoy taking pictures. 

Thank you for stumbling upon this page… Let’s journey shall we? 

“My deepest desire is to live by the Word, but the Word hasn’t always been my instruction manual to manage, even at times cope with life. I read the Word; nothing lands. I wrestle and fight till God blesses me like the account of Jacob; the next day I am in a pit like Joseph. It’s maddening! Why do we face these difficult seasons?”


N E W B L O G P O S T – are you happy?